Saturday, June 09, 2007

CBC nonsense

So apparently the CBC had their "Seven Wonders of Canada" competition. What fucking PC nonsense. Igloos! Canoes! The Mountains! The Praries! Jesus, if we were designing something to appeal to every region, the government couldn't do it better.

Sure. Our northern/prarie/western/maritime life is grand. And beautiful. But fucking WONDERS?

Not at all.

Where, pray, on that entire list is Toronto? Toronto itself should be a wonder. Toronto is one of the supreme human achievements, one of the few places on the planet without hate and without ethnic violence and a place where, for all its differences, a multi-ethnic polylingual society exists. It is the crushing--the brutal, crushing rebuke to the planet: to those who say that different cultures can't live side by side, to those savages in the US who rile against bilingualism, and to all those who think that a city must be monocultural and monolingual or at best have a minority or two to be tolerate.


Wonders. What would mine be?

In no order:

1. The Charter.

2. The CN Tower

3. Parliament's Centre Block

4. The Citadelle of Quebec

5. The National Gallery

And two more. But christ, we're not talking as wonders about concepts vetted by a committee. We're talking about concrete things that mean something. We're talking about things that we as a people have achieved--not some bullshit "the Prarie Sky" that was here before us and here after us. Fine--we're extraordinarily blessed with land a geography. But what matters is what WE did--what over 140 years of confederation and the 400 years of our history we as a people (not as an ethinicity or a nation or whatever) we did.

But screw this bullshit of a "wonder" being selected by a goddamn committee and balancing the various regional interests. That's not a wonder. That's geographical correctness.


Anonymous said...

Why not the Vimy Memorial?

I agree the 7 wonders of Canada is horrible.

Anonymous said...

Moronic essay.

The Charter?

Anonymous said...

My pick:

1. The Citadel.

2. The CN Tower.

3. Banff Hot Spring and Lake Louise.

4. Lion's Gate Bridge.

5. The Covered Bridge in Hartland, NB.

6. Roger's Pass.

7. Peggy's Cove.

Know a bit more of Canadian geography before considering the country is full of nothing but hockey pucks and igloos.