Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Credibility Gaps

More and more, I'm amazed at how anyone on the Right thinks they can be taken seriously, or even worse, I marvel at how people must be so stupid that they actually do get taken seriously when they open their mouths and say things. For example:

  • When Dubya stands up and tells "Vladimir"* that the missile shield isn't targeted at Russia, he expects to be believed. This after the yellowcake uranium, the WMD, the "we're winning," the "mission accomplished," the almost weekly invocations that the insurgency is in its "last throes" and they're just "desperate"--i.e. the complete disconnect from reality that Bush's public pronouncements.
  • Andrew Sullivan's crusade against Hillary Clinton. What, from the man who for years sung the praises of George Bush, and who got down basically on his Catholic knees to worship at the altar of the Republican Party (or maybe just Karl Rove's dick)--after his wonderful judgement on how great someone will be as President, we're supposed to actually give a flying fuck what he thinks now? (This commentator makes a good point.)
  • And while we're on Sullivan, how about his bitching about how the Republican Party is now "christianist"? And on how bad they are for gays? (Side note: with his insufferable ego, I'll bet he takes credit for inventing this term). Give me a fucking break. This from a man who goes on nonstop about how fucking great religion is, and who said oh well, on balance the Republicans are better for homos? Get off your fucking road to Damascus.

I could go on. But seriously, every time a Republican opens his or her mouth, they utter lies. Why should we believe anything they say now?

* Note on the Vladimir thing. How fucking insulting. Bush's "I'm jus' a regyoolar guy" think might work among the mouth breathing slack jawed masses that are his base, who seem to think it's better to be led by "one of us" than by someone you can respect and look up to, but to anyone else in the world it's just insulting. Of course, he did his "Steve" thing to Harper (and was corrected by Harper's mother who said that he never goes by Steve), and I shudder to think of what he called the Queen. Chretien, who appointed Adrienne Clarkson as Governor General, even though when she wasn't in office probably called her Adrienne, ALWAYS referred to her as "Governor" when they spoke, and she to him as Prime Minister (not that idiot yankee construction of Mr. Prime Minister). At some level, formality IS important, and given the reaction in Canada to the pejorative of calling Harper "Steve," one can only wonder about what Russians are thinking now.


Oldschool said...

Who cares what Putin thinks . . . one thing for sure if you disagree with George you don't wind up dead in London or in a Washington park like Bill's friend.
Hillary C is a character out of "Animal Farm" a nutty socialist.
Putin is trying hard to reconstitute the old Sovied Union, upset that his former satelites are joining NATO.
You guys are so stuck on Bush that you buy the big lib lies.

Dean P said...

Please tell us what the big lib lies are? Are they any bigger than, say, Bush's lies?