Friday, May 04, 2007

What're your kids doing?

"My grandson is going to fight in Iraq. What are your kids doing for the war?"

(By the way, apologies for lack of posts. I just got back from a week in Mississippi doing legal work to help Katrina survivors. A big update on that soon.)


petroom said...

Well done. Smart comment. I had a smirk on my face for a good minute or two.

Cheney really looks like a cartoon slug in that photo.

Lindsay said...

Was it part of the Hurrican Relief Network? My law school is sending a group of us to NOLA in a couple weeks.

How was your experience?

Dean P said...

Lindsay--it was actually part of the Mississippi Volunteer Lawyers project. My experience was surreal, and I'll be doing a proper posting on it. It was like the twilight zone, because you really can't imagine, going into it, that things could be that bad, so far on.

Will said...

Love the blog, great commentary.

And this post is hilarious.