Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Republicans Sucking Falwell's Dick

For one, I am absolutely overjoyed that Falwell is dead. Americablog has a good list of Falwell's sins, for example, blaming 9/11 on the gays, god doesn't hear the prayers of Jews (which I have to accept as true, given my nonbelief in god), AIDS is the wrath of God, the antiChrist will be a Jew, and, oh, that Tinky Winky is gay. Huffingtonpost has some great stuff he's said here too.

If I believed in God, Hell, the afterlife, demons, and unicorns, I'd be also quite thrilled that Jerry's probably down in hell getting sodomized with a barbed acid dripping serrated dildo by a bunch of pot smoking leather-clad contraception-providing demons wearing leather attire.

But, aside. The best part is that the GOP is now falling over itself to talk about what a good man he was. For example, John "Flip Flop" McCain, who once called him an agent of intolerance, is now happily sayign that Falwell was "a man of distinguished accomplishment who devoted his life to serving his faith and country."

Screw that. This is a man who used his pulpit to the unimaginable detriment of millions of people, happily and pompously passing judgment and whipping the masses into a frenzy. Timothy Noah's response to McCain: "Nonsense. He was a bigot, a reactionary, a liar, and a fool." Exactly.

But the Republican kowtowing shows what the GOP is beholden to. If one person had stood up recently from the GOP and said that Falwell was a bad man, I would applaud that person.

Instead, they fall over themselves to say how good a man he was. Which means that, in the GOP, it's okay to hate the gays, the blacks, and the Jews.


Miles Lunn said...

I won't celebrate his death since I don't celebrate anyone's death, but this guy was definitely dangerous politically.

His views have damaged whatever credibility the Republicans once had with moderates and the fact McCain who once stood against these people is now sucking up to them shows how much control of the party they have. There are a few Republicans such as Lincoln Chaffee who would probably call him what he is, but few of them are left and I don't even know if Lincoln Chaffee is still a Republican following his defeat in the recent midterm elections.

You might know better living in Los Angeles, but my understanding is while sucking up to the religious right has helped the Republicans in the South, it has hurt them elsewhere. After all California use to be a strong Republican state, now it is one of the safest Democrat ones. It use to be Los Angeles proper went Dem, but the suburbs GOP, while now Orange County seems to be the only GOP stronghold left in the Greater LA area, so I wonder if the religious right has scared some of these people off.

Anonymous said...

One man did, I can't remember his name. He was on Anderson Cooper last night and called Falwell and fat toad and a charleton that runs around in private jets.

Boy was he direct and they didn't keep him on long. This guy does have a new book out called "God is Not Good".