Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Paris "too traumatized" to testify in court

Apparently Paris Hilton is so traumatized by the fact she has to spend 45 days in the big house that she can't testify in a case against her.

Bullshit. All the more reason for her to go.

Let's see: A prissy little heiress, who's never done a day of actual labour in her life, whose entire existence has been one of privilege, luxury, and ease, now has to spend 45 days in prison, and that's so traumatic that she can't testify? Hogwash.

My first job out of law school was as a law clerk for a judge who had criminal cases, only. You want to talk about trauma in life? How about:
  • The 23 year old kid whose dad was in jail, who dropped out of school when he was 11, had been dealing drugs since he was 12, and whose 10 siblings were in jail?
  • The 45 year old woman, meth addict, clearly HIV positive, had had 5 children taken away from her (men using her for sex, not using protection, giving her drugs in exchange), begging and pleading to be allowed to keep her sixth baby?
  • The legions of poor, inner city kids with no education, no role models, living in poverty, before us on petty charges, caught up in circumstances beyond their control?

What chances did they ever have, Paris? Did they have everything put onto a platter? No. Did they live their lives without the slightest worry? No. Do you think they all might have wanted better, might have wanted greater chances in their lives? Hell yeah. But what bloody chance did they ever have? Yet we had to send them to jail--mandatory minimums--for a hell of a lot longer than you.

So don't turn around and wail that you're so upset you can't function and that you're horrified of the idea of jail. You were warned three times that you were in violation of your probation. Guess what, honey? Actions have consequences, and sometimes you have to take responsibility for what you do (not in the Bush way, of course).

All the kids that get thrown into jail who never had a chance, never had a role model, never had money--we make them take responsibility for their actions.

You deserve no less.

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Gayle said...

Yeah, but no one cares about poor children because most of us cannot identify with them. Even if people can't identify with Paris Hilton, they certainly want to.

(I share your frustration by the way. I work with children and youth at risk so I know what you are talking about).