Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Woah Woah Woah!

What is this heresy? Apparently, before the National Assembly of Mali, the GG made this little pronouncement:

Good morning and thank you for the honour you do me in allowing me the opportunity to speak to the National Assembly of Mali.

I am especially touched knowing that Nelson Mandela is the only other head of State having been given the privilege of addressing this august assembly.

I'm sorry. I adore the GG--the person and the office. But claiming she is head of state is slightly intolerable. She isn't. She's the Sovereign's representative. We are still a monarchy.

Don't get me wrong--I would love for us to sever the ties to the Windsors, provided that our monarchy is maintained. Make it on an elective or appointive basis--simply replace the current Sovereign with the GG.

We are one of the oldest continually sovereign countries in the world, and part of our stability is the Crown. I would prefer the Crown of Canada be worn by a Canadian.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but she is the Queen's representative and technically the Head of State.

Dean P said...

Wrong, and your own point makes that clear. The Queen is the head of state--and the GG is the Queen's representative. That doesn't make her the head of state, it makes her the head of state's representative. The fact I represent my client doesn't make me my client.

Anonymous said...

Let's get rid of the Queen as Head of State - we don't need this if we are truly to be an independant country.

Anyway, I think the GG is terrific even though Harper doesn't talk to her.