Friday, November 10, 2006

War as disruption, not policy

Further to my post below on how we are so inured from the costs of war that it seems a policy choice, rather than an agonizing, wrenching decision to be made only at the last resort, this quote:

The death and destruction unleashed by the Second World War was unparalleled. Those men and women who gave their lives might have written great books, discovered cures for disease, or, more likely, simply have lived out their days in peace in their native land. They lost the chance for a full life because of forces beyond their control, beyond their country's control -- forces most of them comprehended only dimly.

- J. L. Granatstein and Desmond Morton in A Nation Forged in Fire.


EX-NDIP said...

And if the population of North America in the 1940's had the same attention span and desire for freedom as we do today we would all be talking German or Japanese.

Our fathers and grandfathers had the courage to get the job done, in spite of incompetent leaders like Mackenzie King and FDR. We grew up in a free society because of their sacrifice.

By the way you could also apply that quote to the millions of aborted babies since 1973, (except for the last half sentence).

Dean P said...

What specious nonsense. FDR and Mackenzie King as incompetent? Can you in any way back that up with fact, or is this just some normal right-wing throw-out-an-allegation-that-liberals-are-incompetent-ignoring-how-useless-right-wing-governments-have-been? And what--we can compare sacrifice in war to abortion? You know what? We can compare sacrifice in war to that vegetarian lasagne I made last week, too.

EX-NDIP said...

Just watched a piece on history channel the other day . . . . King sent 2 untrained battalions to Hong Kong to defend against the Japanese. Churchill wanted to remove all soldiers as the situation was hopeless. But General Crerar and King sent almost 1300 raw recruits who were captured Christmas Day. Almost 600 of them died at the hands of the Japanese.
King was a nutbar . . . walked in the garden and talked to his dead mother.
As for FDR, he and King gave Uncle Joe Stalin half of Europe after WWII, Churchill was against this.
I guess you would just call these guys upstanding, peace lovin libs . . . of course while all this was going on PET was riding his motorcycle around Montreal wearing his German army helmet and carrying his socialist membership card in his pocket.
The abortion is quite legitimate . . . whether you died at 19 in Hong Kong or died in your mothers womb . . . your potential was never realized. Kind of like a lot of university students today . . . . after 4 years in college they no longer have the ability to reason or think critically!

Dean P said...

Do you people on the right have some website where you pick up the day's conspiracy theory? It's hard to refute outright nonsense. Go brush up on your Second World War history and get back to us.

And the abortion argument on lost potential is silly. If you want to say that, then anyone who is killed in any way before reaching his or her "potential" is included in your analogy.

But seriously. Fact and conspiracy are different things.