Monday, September 18, 2006

Memo to Muslim world: Get over it

And grow the hell up.

Okay, the Pope quoted some dead Byzantine emperor who said that Islam only brought "evil and inhuman" things to the world.

And what happens? They all go out and DO evil and inhuman things in the world. Like firebomb churches. And burn effigies. And riot. (Sidebar: Can you imagine what would happen if Christians and Jews were seen to be burning effigies of Mohammed? I mean, we can't even make a cartoon, let alone a model, let alone burn a model!)

Is the Islamic world populated by infants? Every time someone says something bad about islam, the islamic world blows up in anger. Things get stoned. Heads get called for. Jihad gets invoked. As Anne Applebaum notes:

Already, angry Palestinian militants have assaulted seven West Bank and Gaza churches, destroying two of them. In Somalia, gunmen shot dead an elderly Italian nun. Radical clerics from Qatar to Qom have called, variously, for a "day of anger" for for worshipers to "hunt down" the pope and his followers.
What sort of outrageous double standard do they live in? We cannot for the lives of us say that "Hm, maybe there's a fault in Islam--or the Islamic world--that people are blowing themselves up in the name of Allah, or are beheading people, or calling for the deaths of infidels" without being accused of being racist or anti-Islam or whatever, but they are free to fulminate against anything we say or do in the West, and use violence as part of their protests. We can't say anything, but they can bomb or burn things.

I'm sorry, but it seems to me that while not all muslims are terrorists, it appears that all terrorists are Muslims, and really, until it is that which is repudiated by the Muslim world--until the Muslim world is more outraged by the atrocities committed in its name than it is outraged by perceived slights from random people--then really, they should all just go into their corners and have a time out.


Muad'Dib said...

Well, thats religion you see. the faithful are protective of their beliefs and when they feel threatened they lash out.

Thats why I dislike religion.

I am usually pretty tolerant and shut up, but every time something like this happens because someone "offended" anothers religion, I get closer and closer to saying "oh, just bomb the shit out of them" because really, I am starting to not care how we create a more peaceful world.

Sorry, venting.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Pope should mind his own business. Stay out of the business of other countries.

Mike B said...

This is different than the Pope meddling in Canadian affairs (marriage, abortion, etc). He WAS minding his own business, and talking on issues entirely relevant to the Catholic Church, on reason and faith in the West, and how the West is viewed as a result.

It's the Islamic clerics and Muslim politicians out for cheap points who need to mind their own business. Their hypocrisy is stunning, even by Vatican standards, and Muslim moderates must be weeping as yet again, the media depict their people, manipulated by those clerics and politicians, validating everything negative said about them.

Dean P said...

To concur with Mike, how on earth is it bad for the Pope to quote some old emperor, while at the same time it's totally okay for Muslims to call for his death?

And what about the constant vilification of Christianity and Judaism goes on in the Muslim world--without the streets of Tel Aviv or Canterbury or Montreal exploding in outrage, trashing Muslim shops, calling for the execution of whatever grand mufti somewhere?