Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bloc and a Hard Place

Come on, the title just begged to be blogged.

A few polls have suggested a drop in Quebec support for the Conservatives over the Afghan issue, particularly after the weekend deaths of five soldiers. Harper's quest for a majority would appear to be in jeopardy. Sensing this, the Bloc and the NDP, conventiently holding their convention in Quebec City, have been cranking up the anti-war rhetoric.

However, few elections have been decided over foreign policy. Could the next one be the exception?

Well, today, Gilles Duceppe announced that the Bloc would support the controversial softwood lumber deal. The minority government could have been defeated on this issue. Apparently the BQ is still afraid of a fall election, despite the apparent weakness of the Conservatives.

Either the Bloc doesn't think softwood lumber holds much traction with Quebec voters, or they don't think the Afghan issue will cost the Conservatives much in the way of votes.

Either way, Harper wins.

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