Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Musical Praise

Recently I heard an NPR special on a Canadian group called The Duhks. I downloaded them but only this weekend spent any time listening, and to be honest, I'm a little hooked.

They're a nice combo of folksy-blue-grassy music, mixed with some celtic and french folk songs. As one review puts it,

the group manages to cut a wide swath through music history, one that incorporates everything from Irish reels to traditional gospel-blues concoctions while also touching upon the contemporary folk of The Mammals and the reggae-tinted pop of Sting.

They also take a hand at various spirituals, which are pretty cool.

I'd recommend both albums. The later album, Your Daughters and your Sons, is a little more folk-music laden than their debut album, The Duhks, but both equally cool.

So buy them. Tracks I'd recommend if you want to sample include Gene's Machine (Irish reels with an eastern undertone) and Dover Delaware (just nice), as well as the first minute or so of Guiliano's Tune.

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