Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bush has read 60 books this YEAR?!

Apparently Dubya has read 60 books . . . this YEAR.

No way. No fucking way. I'm calling TOTAL bullshit on that one.

We're in August, the 8th month. That means he's been reading 7.5 books a month, every month, since January 1. That means one book every FOUR DAYS.

I can understand a book every four days. When I was a grad student in history, I was reading at that rate. For a few weeks at a time. Then I'd stop. At the time, of course, I wasn't, you know, the head of state of a superpower. I wasn't commander in chief of an army that was fighting two wars. I wasn't focused on winning wars on terrorism. Or fixing drowned cities. Or trade talks.

I work pretty hard, but I'd like to think that I have a lot more free time than the President. And right now, if all I did was to read when I wasn't working--no dinners with friends, no going out, no shopping, no cooking, no nothing--I might be able to manage a managable book in four days (I'm also thinking he's not reading John Grisham, given he boasted to Angela Merkel about reading books about George Washington and how he is apparently devouring the works of Camus right now). I might.

But for Dubya to claim he's read 60 books this year alone, that's crap.

If he's had time to read that many books then he should be instantly impeached for being a complete slacker who read books while Baghdad burned.

If he hasn't, he should be impeached for being a liar.


kris said...

I heard he's into Archie, sometimes he goes for the Double Digest (hopefully he's not counting those as two books). I could read more if I had a bunch of aides producing executive summaries for me though. ;)

knb said...

Lol. They forgot to mention that they were the cole's notes versions, in audio!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he means he's reread "The Pet Goat" 60 times.