Thursday, July 06, 2006

They finally got their man

The two gay mounties are finally married. This follows after the military allowed gay weddings on its bases. And look--nothing bad has happened. People in rural Nova Scotia don't give a damn.

Meanwhile, you can't be gay and a yankee scout, you can't be gay and serve in the yankee military, and you certainly can't get married anywhere other than Massachusettes.

As the Globe said it its Canada day editorial, the sun is truly shining on our beautiful little country. No deficit, vibrant politics, competent government, tolerance, justice, peace:

What a day that was. What a day this is. Just look around you, and marvel at what we have. Prosperous and free, well governed and well defended, open to the world and accepting of change, this country has found its place in the sun. Yes, we have troubles, plenty of them. Those are for other days. Today is the day to sit back and enjoy the sunshine streaming down on this blessed country, Canada.
When Pierre Trudeau became Liberal Leader and Prime Minister, he said in his acceptance speech (at around 2:00), "Canada must be unified! Canada must be one! Canada must be progressive! And Canada must be a just society!" And we are there. His final words as Liberal leader and Prime Minister: "Our hopes are high. Our faith in the people is great. Our courage is strong. And our dreams for this beautiful country will never die."

As the chaplancy of the Canadian Forces states, in its instructions that same-sex couples are to be treated equally: "The caring, compassionate response of Canadian Forces chaplains, based on genuine Love and the Grace of God may well be a prophetic voice both to the church in Canada and to the nation." Indeed. Is this not the true Christian message, rather than what you hear from nutcases?

Has there ever, anywhere, been a better place to be gay?


decoin said...

Who is is the momma and who is the poppa???

EX-NDIP said...

Kind of gives new meaning to the phrase "mounted police".
Gays in the military . . . I thought they didn't like to fight?? Although talk to anyone living in the West End . . they fight quite a lot.

Dean P said...

"Who is is (sic) the momma and who is the poppa???" reflects precisely the typical nonsense you hear all the time: "Who's the woman?" yada yada.

I think the vapid stupidity of the question is a far better criticism of itself than I could manage.