Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Stupid Congress--Gay Marriage

Okay. I'm really, really, really over hearing how unelected activist judges are going to ruin the world and bring about gay marriage. Because they're not. What they mean, as Daliah Lithwick (who I'd switch for - Daliah, Marry me?) pointed out on NPR this morning, is "unelected activist judges from Massachusettes." Because really, in the last two weeks, we've lost in Tennessee, in Nebraska, in Georgia, and in NEW YORK. In New Bloody York! That really means the only place where there's any sort of chance of anything happening is here in California where, it should be pointed out, the Legislature PASSED a same-sex marriage bill and Schwartzenneger vetoed it.

Iraq is a mess. So is the entire Middle East. Iran's making nukes. DPRK is firing missiles. New Orleans is gone. The budget deficit is $300billion. Osama's hiding somewhere. Indonesia's drowning. Everyone hates us. 40% of the population has no healthcare. The minimum wage is below subsistence levels.

But no, the single most important thing to do is to amend the Constitution. Most Amendmends do good things, like letting women vote and abolishing slavery and protecting us from searches and seizures and giving free speech. That kind of good thing.

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Vegas said...

Wow - what a sad state our country is in.... that last paragraph really makes me wonder how SO MANY Americans can still be in support of Bush and his administration. Granted, I won't give him full credit for causing all of the problems (he's not that talented), but he certainly chooses to fight the wrong battles! This Presidency is a lesson from which we should all take something away...make good (better) choices in everything we do. At some level, it DOES affect everyone else!

On the note of calling other heads of state by last name only - not such a big deal in my book - We all call our President's by their last names only - you even wrote "Reagan..." in this posting without saying writing Ronald. Granted, this blog is an informal medium of communication, but if it is "common" for an official to be called by his/her last name in public or otherwise, I don't find it offensive to be used in a professional setting.