Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Black President--but never us

I'm happy that Obama won the nomination; I do think it is a good thing.

But we are decades from where we 'mos have a chance at anything.

Tory tyranny (and closeted ministers aside, that's you John Baird) aside, at least in civilization have we had gay cabinet ministers (yes, Scott, we knew you were staring at my and Mike's shirtless asses) and candidates for premierships that were on our team.

The simple fact is it's not okay to be racist but homophobia--under many guises (family values, tradition, etc)--is still okay.

We are still not safe. I said to a friend tonight that I lack understanding because urban people are on our side, rural hicks NSM, but at home we are far more urbanized than here.

Liberation came in California, on one front, but we are not safe, and we are not free, yet.

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